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Custom Website Development
A Revolutionary way of creating interactive websites

With our unique approach to website development letting our clients be an active part of the design process we have found that we can actually provide our clients with what they want and in the process stand out from the crowed with each of our development having a personal touch and actually creating designs that our clients are proud of.

  • Quick registration process
  • Interactive Designs Style
  • Advanced Graphic Designs
  • All day every day access
  • 24/7 Support


To learn more about our way of getting  things DONE, please feel free to contact us.

Self Managed Galleries

From the very genesis of it's development, Your Website will be designed with your needs in mind. We also implemented Custom Galleries to allow you to 'Upload' your own images / photo's from your home or office. This makes KZNWEB(PTY)LTD an excellent solution for client interactive websitesite building that allow YOU to manage YOU'RE website.



Getting Things Done - How we operate

Getting you up and running is our main priority as we know how important it is to be noticed, with the internet making it possible to reach thousands of people with a single click getting your development out for everyone to see is PRIORITY ONE.

We will clearly explain the steps that will be followed to the "T" in a plain language you can actually understand, we might be putting everything as simple as possible for our clients to understand but when it gets down to "getting it done" we know what we are doing and have loads of references to proof our statement.

No Page Limits
We don't do the package deals - We DON'T sell 5, 10 and so on websites

For us this is a simple minded approach to website development limiting our clients potential, most website development companies use this feature to attract clients to fool them in starting a website and to get them "hooked" once your "hooked" the companies start adding this and that at additional costs...."Surprise" now your 5 page website cost much more than you budgeted for.

At KZNWEB(PTY)LTD the day we start with your website will be the day you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, NO additional cost will arise during the development process and it will be up to you adding additions not US. Before we even start with your development you will have a complete layout of what you’re getting and even if the "light bulb" goes on during the development process and you have a great idea, should it not require additional hours of work we will help you make the idea a reality.... 80% of the times FREE in rare occasions there are additional costs but I think we can count those ones on our fingers.

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Looking to get more information on how to get your website done by KZNWEB(PTY)LTD? Visit our Facebook Page to stay up to date on all latest developments going "Live" to the public and chat directly with us NOW - We are online 24/7 on Facebook for any queries you might have, we are actively involved from 06h00 till 16h00 on Facebook and even some days till 23h00

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They Trusted Us

We have loads of clients, we would like to mention each by name but due to the quality of service we provide we have listed all our clients in our portfolio as there are to much, please feel free to contact any of our website owners for a referral or just to have a chat and find out why they used KZNWEB (PTY)LTD ...... We have no hidden cost, No pop-up cost during a development and we design all websites to our client’s budget limitations......

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