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We acctually do a lot, we just don't go around saying everyting.....on this page you can see in what fields we can help your business grow and expand

Website Design

We do Custom Website Developments

Business Cards

We do your business card design and you can print your own quantity or take our design to a printing company

Domain Registration

Just need a domain reserved or parked, we cover all domain registrations


Need your office linked up to a network...been there done that, give us a call and we can get you connected.

Video Editing

Need a video edited or put together, we can help, weddings, funarals and many more

Graphic Designs

Any graphic design may it be BIG or small

3D Graphics

Looking to be different, why not go 3D, 3D graphics and animation only done on requests


May you just be looking to get your own personalized email or planning a huge website, we cater for al and host big and small


Need training on any software, we can assist with the basics getting you over the initial fright of learning a new program

PC Repairs

Having PC problems, we do hardware repairs

Hardware Sales

We can supply your much needed hardware for any occation, hardware only supplied on requests as we are listed with all major suppliers world wide.

Software Development

We have a qualified software developer to take care of your special software requests - only quoted on request

Custom Social Media

Need to stand out from the crowd, let us make you a custom social media presence , Facebook, Twitter, Linkin, Google + and may more

HTML Web Design

We can work on any old HTML websites - On request only


We have been up to our services for over the past 12 Years getting better and better each day, we love getting feedback from the public the more negative the better for us, as negative feedback always point out the sections we need to work on in the company, we also love positive feedback don't get us wrong everybody now and then like getting padded on the back now and then...



Now this we LOVE, the better our competition is the better we will be, we love challenges, we actually started KZNWEB with a challenge and came out on top, over the years we had numerous challenges and we always came out as the main predator on the food chain, the more complicated you can make it for us the better... we love to let our minds work on new ideas.

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Cool Tools & Places

Getting around on your PC without hassel are a big part of everyday live...here are a few cool tool to help.